Business strategies, web design and copywriting. 


Andrea Rodriguez Gallery

Logo, branding and web development including copywriting. Collaboration in merchandise and social media.

Prague Business Club

Collaboration in website development. Project management. Events, sales, and marketing management. Networking between members. Social media and PR.

Barbara Sitar

Creating website in Square Space platform, compressing, and resizing 500+ photographs.  

Ameera Academy

Project management of a creative team and financial management. Financial analysis. Exiting the academy due to low ROI.

Southwest Guided Adventures

Company rebranding and website redesign. Graphic materials. Setting up Facebook and Instagram.

Cereus Porter

Website and content editing. SEO audit and optimization, keyword research. Sales strategy.

John Hawken

Creation of website in collaboration with a graphic designer and a programmer. Printing and publishing of John’s book “Realizations.” Copywriting and website structure.

Martina Pražáková

Adjustment of website structure. Collaboration on copywriting for the “Self-Discovery through Horses” page. Event calendar and brainstorming of program structures, setting up a booking system. 

Jitka Mandalam

Adjustment of website structure, graphics, and menu. Categorization of services and collaboration on copywriting. Financial analysis of services and cost estimation. Newsletter campaigns. 

RSJ, Naše úroda

Collaboration on branding and website creation for two organic farms. Concept development for an educational organic farm for children. Sales strategy and distribution channels. Farmer’s markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). 

Heart of The Horse Ranch

Structural adjustments and branding: unifying the logo on the website and social media platforms. Collaboration on copywriting.

Prague Green City Guide

Collaboration in creating the Prague Green City Guide, including building a distribution network of more than 100 places and achieving sales of over 3000 books. Cooperation on branding and content, as well as book publishing and distribution.

Let’s work together

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